Arnold Waukazo

Name The Problem

Arnold Waukazo was convicted of Second Degree Murder, in the brutal stabbing death of Krissy Bates, a transgender woman, in January 2011. Waukazo waived his right to a jury trial and Hennepin County District Judge Allen Oleisky presented the verdict today. Waukazo and Bates had been involved in a relationship prior to Bates’ death. The prosecution repeatedly argued that the aggressive and deliberate attack which resulted in Bates’ death at the hands of Waukazo, in fact, the antithesis of self-defense and a passionate response.

According to trial testimony, Bates had recently begun dating Waukazo and told friends that he was “the one.” On the evening of January 6, 2011, after an argument in Bates’ Minneapolis apartment, Waukazo initially strangled Bates to the point of unconsciousness. According to his taped confession, when she moved, he made the deliberate decision to end her life. He reached for a small switchblade on a nearby…

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