Jason Bardsley

Name The Problem

Jason Bardsley admitted in court in 2005 to strangling to death a Monroe, New York doctor who had posed as a woman and performed oral sex on him. The 27-year-old Monroe man said he suffered extreme emotional distress when the “woman” lifted her dress, revealing male genitalia. The “woman” was Dr. Robert Binenfeld. And what Binenfeld did next — grab Bardsley’s testicles — was the catalyst for death on Dec. 21, 2004.

“I … placed my hand onto the neck of (Binenfeld) with the intent to kill … and squeezed said neck until (Binenfeld) ceased breathing and died,” Bardsley said in Orange County Court after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter and fourth-degree grand larceny.

Bardsley, a father of two, originally faced a second-degree murder charge, but evidence he suffered a psychiatric breakdown at the time helped garner the plea bargain.

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