Rory Conde

Name The Problem

On January 13, 1995, Florida’s Rory Conde picked up a prostitute, Rhonda Dunn, and took her to his apartment. After twice engaging in sexual relations, Dunn got up to go to the bathroom. Conde followed her and began to manually strangle her from behind. Dunn and Conde struggled and fell to the floor, but Dunn eventually died from asphyxiation. Conde disposed of her body on the side of the road. In June of 1995, fire rescue personnel found a woman, who was naked and bound in duct tape, trapped in an apartment. While investigating the kidnapping, police found evidence in the apartment that linked the tenant to the six prostitute murders. The apartment was rented by Conde, and he became a suspect in the murders. After his arrest, Conde consented to searches of his apartment and car and the taking of saliva and blood samples. The day after his arrest, Conde…

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