Dwight DeLee

Name The Problem


Dwight DeLee shot and killed a transgender woman in 2008.  The New York Court of Appeals recently overturned his conviction. From the dissent in that decision: “On November 14, 2008, the victim was the front-seat passenger in a vehicle driven by his brother. Their friend was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. The victim was homosexual, regularly dressed in women’s clothing, and preferred to be known as a female. According to more than one witness, the victim’s sexual orientation, clothing preferences and gender identity were common knowledge in the community. The victim’s brother pulled up in front of a house where a number of people were congregating, and the occupants of the vehicle proceeded to converse with some friends. Meanwhile, witnesses overheard several members of a different group of people on the street, which included defendant, making derogatory remarks about homosexuals. Defendant then went into the house, retrieved…

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