Transgender Activists: Missing The Boat on Naming The Problem

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Transgender activists have framed the issue of Male Violence against Trans people as something wholly different from Male Violence against Women. This is a missed opportunity for solidarity around the issue of Male Violence.


6 thoughts on “Transgender Activists: Missing The Boat on Naming The Problem

  1. If you really want to call it what it is, then call it male on male violence.

    If you just call it male violence then it co-opts the violence that men perpetrate on women. Then attacks on “transgenders” co-opts the funding and energy that should be expended on fighting violence against women.

    It also means that education about violence against women gets diluted with feminist quasi gender theory and requires people to accept the promotion of a mental illness. It makes it very difficult to help people when society keeps accepting and promoting their delusions.

    This kind of violence is uncommon and could easily be avoided if they received the correct therapy. It does not deserve to be promoted in this way. Promoting actually makes the situation worse. As long as people make “transgenders” a celebrated cause, they will continue to put themselves in bad situations and this will become more common.

    This is NOT an issue of male violence against women. It is male on male violence.

  2. Men are violent towards women out of utter disrespect for and hatred of the “feminine”; they target trans women because they fear the feminine in themselves. All this violence comes from misogyny. All victims matter. Naming the problem (male violence) is key. I applaud this site.

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